Hello, Fellow Rover. If you are viewing this page, it is likely because you are preparing to perform with the Steel City Rovers in some capacity or you already do. This page is in place to help equip you to perform our material successfully. Though we have made public recordings, much of the material that we present onstage has not yet been recorded for public presentation. Some of these recordings are rougher than others, some are even made with cell phone alone, not all are complete or in their finalized arrangement and not all will be used in every situation. In addition to audio files, we have supporting documentation provided here for each piece to assist you in your learning. [This Item is Pending.] For the most part, these are original works by founding members of the group but some elements of some instrumental pieces are traditional or otherwise authored. We ask that you keep these recordings private and for your own use as appropriate. Please ask at any time if you have questions about any component of your preparation. Let's make some great music!

Targetted Access:

Mark Fletcher - Writes Instrumentals.  Contact RE: Solo Instrument Lines, Tour Itinerary, Gig Details
sadsquirrel@sympatico.ca  -  226.227.1064 (Home Phone) 519.389.8806 (Cell While on Tour)

Ryan McKenna - Writes Songs.  Contact RE: General Performance Questions, Website Issues, Overview 
ryanmckenna123@gmail.com  -  905.906.6286

Joel McKenna - Arranges Material.  Contact RE: Chording, Rhythm, Live Sound Requirements 
jeprechaun7777@gmail.com  -  905.973.5227
Download or Stream Tracks According to Your Preference:
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